How to Prepare for a Guided Tour

Exploring somewhere you've never visited before is an exciting adventure. When you want to get more from your new surroundings, try a guided tour. With an expert leading the way, your tour can reveal hidden secrets and inspiring elements of the area's history. After booking your tour, there are ways you should prepare for it. Appropriate Footwear While you may feel comfortable wearing certain shoes under everyday circumstances, that same footwear may not be suitable for your guided tour. Read More 

Why Everyone Should Take an Indigenous Tour

Choosing a tour when you're going on holiday can feel slightly bewildering. When there are so many experiences out there, it's hard to pinpoint the one that might suit you. If you're yet to consider indigenous tours, here are some reasons that everyone should. Digging into Australia's Past Australia's history began tens of thousands of years ago with the Aboriginals who inhabited the continent. Theories about how they reached Australia's shores are usually based on ongoing historic explorations. Read More